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Audiences Now is a creative agency for interactive brand communication

  • Who are your fans, who can become your evangelists and brand ambassadors? How can you find out what’s being said about your brand and what can you do to increase the conversation about your brand and get the good vibe going?
  • Know yourself, your brand and your persona. What is your image, how do you behave in social media? Know your target audience and find out what is going on.
  • Do not focus on your product but make your brand a mirror image of what people actually WANT. Engage in conversation with your target audiences. Focus on your existing customers, listen to them and involve them so they may become friends, ambassadors and evangelists.
  • The channels may be new, digital and interactive, but the message remains the same. The concept of the Mom & Pop Store that really knows its customers and their needs, is age old.
  • Are you credible? Are you sure you are not pretending to be something you’re not? Do not be afraid to make choices, do not be afraid to speak out, choose sides. Yes this may scare off some audiences, but eventually it will attract the right customers that fit your product or service.

Utilizing the inexhaustible possibilities of getting in touch with people, you can communicate about your brand, service or product in an authentic way that actually adds value to your target audience.

HomeAgencyAbout Maarten Verkoren - Fan Base - 36 Rules

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